This song was inspired by Demi Lovato. I've been through the pain she's going through...this is kind of my version of Skyscraper.

Any changes? What do you like/dislike about it? Too descriptive? Confusing? Let me know! Remember, I'm only 15

Verse 1
Why are you telling
Me that I can’t be
Who I want to
Do you have nothing
Better to do but,
Stand there and bother me?

Clutching my chest
My stomachs dropping
As the pain is released from
the pain dripping off of me

Verse 2
This pain is strong
It’s breaking me
You say you can’t wait
You can’t wait to get rid of me
Stop breaking me down
Don’t break me down

Clutching my chest
My stomachs dropping
As the pain is released from
The pain is dripping off of me

Verse 3
As I cry
In my room after school
Watch this pain that
I have always gone through
Feeling like I’m nothing
So I’ll just

Clutch my chest
And feel my stomach drop
As I fall to the ground I
Know that you hear the sound
The sound of pain
This pain is leaving me right now

Verse 4
Why can’t you see
That all this pain that you give me
It’s breaking me
Down to nothing
Soon I’ll be off my feet
Because this pain is dripping off of me

I know who I am
You just think that you know too
But you really don't
So watch me
Because you'll see
Those words you said have hurt me
But now I
will start sticking up for me
This pain will stop
It will stop coming back to me
Hi MissyBee123,

The only thing I would suggest is not to use similar lyrics in the bridge as the chorus. I am not saying that this can't be done, it could work quite well in a musical context. But just by reading the lyrics the bridge needs to lead you some place else.

Maybe the last stanza below verse 4 could be the bridge?

Otherwise the theme of the song is something I think most people in the world can relate to.
Commit to Mastery!

Allen Hopgood