I'm looking into getting singing lessons very soon as I've always wished I could sing properly. I'm completely terrible at the moment, I wouldn't even feel confident singing Wonderwall round a campfire with some good friends.

I feel it's pretty important to get at least a basic ability to express myself using my voice, especially as I am aspiring to work professionally within the music industry.

My question to you is whether the gender of my teacher matters?
I'm a bloke, would it make sense to get instruction from another man due to obvious similarities in vocal range or would it be ok to learn from a female who will have a different vocal range?

My initial thoughs are that it doesn't matter. That might just be because I like the idea of having a fit girl teach me to sing

What do you think?
if you take lessons, you will be learning techniques, i think they are the same for men and women, so it doesnt really matter i think, i dont know alot about singing though, so im not absolutely sure.
If your teacher knows their stuff, it doesn't matter what gender they are. A lot of vocal teachers can focus on your range using a piano. Scales on a piano will help you with your own range, while the teacher can focus on technique (breathing, posture, correcting bad habits).

However, an attractive female teacher is definitely a plus
All you need is yo' fingers and the strings
Regardless or range, males and females should produce their voice in the same way. It shouldn't matter what gender your teacher is.

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