in my current build im getting to the point where im almost ready to attach the fretboard to the neck

now the current issue is when i bought the material (cocobolo) for the fretboard from my woodworking teacher he recommended treating the surface of the fretboard that would be contacting the neck with solvent to get rid of the natural oil from the cocobolo, and then to, instead of using glue as most fretboard are attached with to instead use a epoxy because the natural of the oil in the cocobolo could eventually eat through the glue if i were to use that as my adhesive

could anybody give me some insight to this, and whether this would be the correct method to use?
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Using a solvent to clean the oils before gluing is correct, however I havent heard of oils eating through wood glue before. I would check that over at PG


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Although I never heard of the oils eating through the glue, I have seen the recommendation for epoxy. I think the benefit would be that epoxy is not water-based like wood glues are (i think they are water-based).
You could get really clever and put little screws in under the inlays (please say you will have nice big inlays)