How do you play your fifths, with or without the octave?

Just a silly question. :P
I usually play the octave of the fifth aswell, especially when palm muting, its sound more powerfull.
depends really:p sometimes i play them over multiple octaves, sometimes just root + fith, sometimes i play the fith below the root, instead of above et.... it really depends on how i want it to soundXD
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when i palm mute, i don't do the octave

you really should, makes for a bigger sound especially on recordings!
I usually don't if the root is on the A string (too lazy to retune every time the damn G string goes out of tune). Otherwise I usually do.
Depends entirely on what sound I want.
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Depends entirely on what sound I want.

+ 1. Sometimes it can be cool to create a riff without the octave then add it in later as you add more power to the riff!