okay so im learning the song "brain stew" by green day, and i have just about the whole song down except for the part after the verse where the guitar makes the scratchy sound, i dont know what its called, i have the basic idea of it but can someone try to explain it for me in more detail, i would be very grateful
That's probably a pick scrape, take your pick and grind the edge down the strings from the bridge to the saddle. Wait, grind probably wasn't the right word, slide is.
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Yeah. With the side of the pick, just drag lightly and quickly down the strings.
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its not like an actual scratching sound umm...here ill post a link so u can here it
Ah. Palm muting. Lightly place your hands over all of the strings at the bridge and strum. Do not press too hard as you will mute the strings, just light enough to get that "scratchy" sound. Hope this helps!
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