I tried this acoustic guitar at guitar center the other day and fell in love with it:

the sound, feel, and playability were perfect but I was interested in the maple version as well but they did not carry it.
my question is, how different would the maple version be?

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maple will have an ever so slightly brighter tone?

As far as i know, maple sounds a little bit "snapier" than ash, ash is bright but smooth while maple will be bright with more snap and pop
More high mids basically, as far as I can tell with my knowledge of tonewoods.
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the woods are laminate, and underneath a thin veneer of maple or ash is probably the exact same wood. and while a few brands, notably seagull, make great quality laminate that sounds like the top wood, and may use the top wood for the under layer, ibanez build quality and tone isn't that good, and unplugged their guitars usually sound more muffled and cardboardy than other brands. these are all laminate models, so the least quality sound of the line.
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so because they are a laminate top its mostly just aesthetic?

what would be the difference between these two and would they be better then the ibanez?



any other recomendations in the 300-400 price range would be greatly appreciated too
Washburn have a bit of a better rep when it comes to acoustics than Ibanez does.
Most of your money goes into the sound of the guitar, not how pretty it looks.
Yes the laminate top is for looks.
One has Spruce and one has Cedar, I'm not entirely sure what the difference is myself, but I do know that the tops is where most of the character of the guitar comes from. These are solid, unlike the Ibanez so should sound a lot better.

Then you need to compare the Fishman with the Ibanez electronics. Something else to consider, which I myself don't know too much about.

That's all I can really tell you, I can't tell you what to buy, or which is better, you gotta go in and play them yourself and pick the one you like.

If you're not picky on brands try some Yamahas in that price range.
I myself thought Cort were quite a good option for acoustics too.
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laminate tops are to save money for the manufacturer, allowing them to sell cheaper guitars. having a purty veneer over the main wood is to make buyers spend more.

i'm not a huge fan of washburns, but some are. i prefer blueridge, seagull, yamaha (not the apx series) and recording king in the lower price ranges.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!