Been a little while since my last cover and been listening to alot more Jimmy Eat World lately and figured I'd give a whirl at their first single off of "Invented". Cover was done in one take and tried my best to combine the Rhythm and Lead parts in one take without editing (Lead will go cleanish' tone a times) so it ended up sounding more like how its played live by the band I think. Youtube link below


Definitely will do Crit for crit. Feel free to hit me with any feedback and drop me a link and I'll crit yours as well. Thanks!
Great cover, you nailed it.
It sounded just like the orginal, the only difference was that your lead tone was a bit brighter
I actually like your lead tone more.
Not really anything to crit here, overall it's a great cover.
Fun song to play too xD
I know you've already checked out my song, just wanted to comment on this cover
Ara - Thanks alot man. I don't know if I left you a comment on the youtube video or not (Theres alot now lol!) but really great job on that cover. I'm not really a LP Fan but you did a great job and the production was really outstanding

josh - Thanks for checking out my vid. I just left feedback on your post!

Anyone else feel free to hit me up with links and I'll check out your stuff.
Sweet work! I really like it, you did a great job combining the lead and rhythm parts, it is really ineresting for watching. The tone and the playing are great, my regards for doing this from one take and without any editing, I know this takes a lot of work. Keep going!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd6elc0x9MM
I'm not familiar with the original song, but def a solid cover man! My ONLY criticism would be that you may want to adjust your guitars intonation because the B octave at the begginging was a little out of tune, but I also have a sensitive ear so i bet no one else will comment on it haha. Good job and i look forward to seeing more vids!

That was cool, I love that song. Just got a Jim Adkins signature tele. Such a great guitar. It's nearly as good as my Gibson.

The only thing I would say is playing the main riff down around the 2nd and 4th fret makes everything a lot closer together and more economical to play. It's not a fast or particularly hard riff to play though so it doesn't really matter. Nice cover. If you could check out one of my covers that'll be awesome. The telecaster is the Jim Adkins one.


That's Wheels by Foo Fighters.