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Man, two threads in the same day? That's not you man.

Well, I have an amp that was made in 2006.
Guitars: Fender FSR Standard Strat, Squire Affinity Strat, Epiphone Nighthawk
Amps: Vox AC15C1, Roland Cube 15x, Peavey KB-1
Pedals: Digitech RP355, HD500, Joyo AC-Tone, EHX Soul Food
my zoom9150 from the 90's
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My Colourful Rig:
ESP M-ii Deluxe
Mesa/Boogie Simul 295 Stereo
Framus FR212 v30
Pearl Phaser - 1970s
Ibanez CS 505 - 70s
Ibanez strat - '78
EHX Small Stone mk2 - late 70s
Akai cabinet - early 60s
Marshall Shredmaster - late 80s i think
Pioneer stereo amp used for late night playing - 60-70s
Arion Micon tuner - no frikken idea, but it's from before i was born so eh

old is pre 80's man, not a couple years back
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I have a 70's Big Muff Pi with the tone bypass circuit... I never touch it. Trades anyone?
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A Heit Deluxe from the 60's. Couldn't put a specific date to it or even a year, it has no markings. But it's just one of those cheap Jap guitars from back then.

Other than that..

I have my Flextone that's from like early 2000's?

I'm not one for old shit.
I've got one of the old Peavey Rage 158's, A Marshall Lead 12 (idk how old either of those are, but they look old), and a vintage Remo Drumset.
fender prinston course.

mim sea foam green strat.

2 no names classicals

1 no name 12 string.

washburn hollow body

crate combo amp.
VHT Special 6 ultra
TC HOF Reverb
Line 6 DL4
EHX OD Glove
Fender standard Tele
Ibanez Rga121
Taylor GA 214E
Ive got an 80's Banjo

And I have a mystery lap-steel guitar from ~50's. Should probably post a thread about that, its intense.
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stand the **** back.

kay vangaurd 1964
teisco vn-2 1964
g-holiday 196?
'tiny tim' brand unknown 196?
kay archtop electric 1958
gibson br-9 amp 1959

and a 89 kramer forum III but that doesn't really count.
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ESE graphic equalisator from the 70's
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1990's Dunlop Crybaby Wah
1980's Boss CE-5
1980/90's Boss Super Overdrive
1980/90's Crate GT50 Stealth All Tube Amp Head
Main Setup:
Charvel So-Cal

Dunlop Volume
Digitech Tuner
Custom Compressor
VFE Blues King
Ibanez TS9 30th Anniv
Boss DD20
Boss NS2
MXR 10 Band EQ
Hardwire Supernatural
Loop-Master 2 Channel Looper

Mesa Single Rec
I think the oldest gear I have currently is the guy behind the fretboard, circa 1964...
already mentioned a few pedals in another thread ( MXR D+,Phase 100, Thomas Organ Cry baby wah) i don't really use any of them anymore though

1988 Fender Strat Plus Deluxe
1979 Legend Rock and Roll 50 2x12 (guitar amp)

sold off most of my vintage stuff a few years back including an early 60s Fender Concert 4x10 amp, early 70s Fender Bassman head, Silvertone guitar with amp case (kinda looked like a firebird) and a Supro Dualtone guitar from the late 50s (LP Style). as cool as much of the vintage stuff is i find that the newer stuff works better and often sounds better.
Not technically guitar-related but I own a Tenor Saxophone from 1919. Still gig with it every weekend with my soul band. All my tubes/valves are from 1950s/60s, can't beat NOS
Fender AVRI '62 Jazzmaster, Fender Gold Sparkle Strat (custom), Custom Swirled Roswell Rhoads
Marshall DSL15H, Weber Speakers, Fender Champs (x2),
'63 Fender Reverb, Mosrite Fuzzrite, Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face, Whiteface RAT
Vintage Tubes!
Man, if 80's is old that's heaps of my gear apart from stuff I've made myself.

1981 Ibanez Blazer
1982 Seymour Duncan "The Mag" pickup
198X Abbey Harmonic 2 valve amp
1985 Gilchrist custom guitar
Morley PWA of unknown vintage but sometime in the 80's I think
1987 Roland GP-8
I had a buttload of 80's pedals too but they've all gone missing or stolen.
There's probably more but I can't think off the top of my head, is JCM900 old? Got a combo and 1960A from that era.

Edit: Still got my old Yamaha G100-212. That's 1980.
My W-bins are at least 80's if not before. They were old when i bought them in 1984.
Gilchrist custom
Yamaha SBG500
Randall RM100 & RM20
Marshall JTM45 clone
Marshall JCM900 4102 (modded)
Marshall 18W clone
Fender 5F1 Champ clone
Atomic Amplifire
Marshall 1960A
Boss GT-100

Cathbard Amplification
My band
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I have a Trace Elliot RAH350SMX 700 watt bass amp from 1993, best bass amp ever. Not very vintage though...I don't really have vintage gear.

My grandpa had a 1974 Fender Stratocaster Standard, in perfect condition, which I got to play once, then he sold it to one of his friends for $, cause I wanted to buy it.

One of my friends has a 1970's Ventura V-20, which I got to fix up and did a recording on a long time ago, very very nice guitar, had some binding issues, and the top wood was coming apart, but still played beautifully.

I have an old Emerson tube radio from the 1930's that I'm currently(failing miserably) restoring.

Oldest thing I own that I bought is my 2006 Squier...I know, modern Squier.
My first guitar was a white MIJ Strat from the 80s. I bought it new, and sadly sold it to a friend for $300 in the 90s before i moved across the country. Next time i see him I'm going to ask him what became of it. It would be really cool to track it down again. None of my current gear would be considered vintage except my Norlin/Gibson L5 from the 70s. Great sounding amp! My PRS is from '97, so maybe in a few years it might be considered vintage.
Various Strats
Polytone Mini Brute
Koch Studiotone XL
Quilter OD200, 101 Reverb and Mini
1958 National lap steel
Eastman El Rey 1
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Late 70's Sanox sound creator LP clone ( amazing guitar).
2002 PRS CE22
2013 G&L ASAT Deluxe
2009 Epiphone G-400 (SH-4)
Marshall JCM2000 DSL100
Krank 1980 Jr 20watt
Krank Rev 4x12 (eminence V12)
GFS Greenie/Digitech Bad Monkey
Morley Bad Horsie 2
MXR Smart Gate
1978 Hondo 2 les paul "professional" series and a roland gc-408 that is currently in my parents attic in Pennsylvania.

i miss that amp. good thing my family has made the decision to move back to PA!!!
Live Rig
Michael Kelly Custom Shop Plum Telecaster
Michael Kelly Custom Shop Plum Patriot

EVH 5153 50w
Jet City 2x12
Custom Board

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I've got a mid-70s Little Big Muff and an early 80s Rat currently on my board.
I've also got a 60s Yamaha SG-2 (a Jaguar-inpired guitar they produced for about a year) that's sitting at my parents' waiting to be repaired.
I have a 1973 gibson SG, a 1978 rickenbacker 4001, a couple of HH transistor amps also from the '70s and my cousin just dropped off a late '60s/early '70s fender PA-100 at my house today - just to borrow for a while, though oh and some italian-made crybaby wah pedals, late '60s? i don't know.

i also have a "triumph" acoustic guitar that cost me £4 in total - £2 for the guitar, £2 for the bridge (i had to buy a new, smaller bridge because the original was too tall and gave the guitar stupid-high action)

i wouldn't really call my two '90s epiphones "old", because they are late '90s. if i can call those old i can call a lot of my guitars old - where do you draw the line? a lot of my guitars were made in the early '00s, and really there's only about 2-3 years in it...
Rig Winter 2017:

Fender Jazzmaster/Yamaha SG1000
Boss TU-3, DS-2, CS-3, EHX small stone, Danelectro delay
Laney VC30-112 with G12H30 speaker, or Session Rockette 30 for smaller gigs
Elixir Nanoweb 11-49 strings, Dunlop Jazz III XL picks
Shure SM57 mic in front of the amp
Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
I had an old 70's Sears amp

didn't that thing blow up?

i like old stuff, just got rid of a 1968 acoustic 156 amp, it was a monster.

bacon - tenor banjo - 1927
framus - classical acoustic - 60's
G&L - modified SB-2 (bass) - 1985
Peavey - T40 (bass) - 1979

acoustic - 270 - 70's
ampeg - G18 - 70'a
epiphone - embassy - '66
fender - princeton II reverb - 82
gretsch - electromatic - 1954
Kay - K300 - '55 or '56
Kustom - Charger 15 - early 70's
music man - 130hd - 1977
music man - 212hd-150 -1981
music man - 115-65 - 1979
silvertone - 1482 - 60's
sunn - 1200S - 1969

marshall - 1x18 - 60's
bell and howell (movie projector cab) - 1x12 (jenson) - 1950's
crate - 1x12 - early 90's (loaded with 70's eminence 1228K)
leslie - model 16
bag end - 1x12 - 80's

ada - flanger -70's
thomas organ - wah - 60's
mutron - bi-phase - 70's
sonny meeker - blue box - 80's (local guy)
couple of dod pedals from the 80's

turner company - microphone - 50's
also have a number of older speakers: CTS square back, celestion G12M-25 (70's i think), etc. also have other random stuff, like a pair of 1975 seth lover full range pups and a '79 strat neck for example.

edit: i like 311's idea: pics. this'd be cooler with pics of the equipment. i'll try and get a few up later.
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My Ampeg VH 140c.....
Playing on some new to follow
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