Hi guys, I'v been messing with my gear recently ( Epi LP Standard/Roland 30x) to get this distortion:
Its rich, 'full' sounding but not 'plastic' and the main part IT DOESNT RING OUT FOR AGES uhm.. it sounds very 'stacato' i guess. I imagine you COULD get this by properly muting but it dampens/kills off 'too much' and even so with the(I imagine) high gain it should have even while muting its too loud/muddy.

I was thinking no bass,no mids,max highs, mid gain and high volume, but it doesnt have that crunch feeling and it still rings out hell'a loud and long. Though this sound the closest to what i want but I still cant get that.

This is the closest vid with the sound i want i could find for a fast search: