Okay. I have been using my Marshall MG30dfx for a long time now. I hate the crappy distortion on it because it only sounds good when I combine it with my Boss DS-1. What would really be cool is if I could let the amp do all the distortion, right?

-I am going to be making music like NIN or Tool but with a more metal side similar to LoG metal riffs. The amp needs to have a nice, bad-ass, mid-scooped distortion that is good for metal and at the same time has a pristine clean channel ideal for chords and o.k. tone. And I am also looking for an amp that I would probably use for recording and not for gigging. It could be a combo or a head + 4x12 cab. I just need it to tailor to these needs!

And I have been looking myself at amps for a while and settled (for now) on a Randall rx120rhs head. But I don't know if anybody out there has a better option or suggestion to a good cabinet to go with the randall. So YOU guys give me some tips on either a better amp or a good cab! (by the way: No Peavey 6505's, Mesa Boogies or Line 6's. I have tried them out and for price/tone reasons I did not like them).
I use a Les Paul if that helps and I have a massive pedalboard (srsly, it's ridiculous!), so FX in the amp is no biggie! My budget is $1000 to $1200. SHOOT AWAY!!!!
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nice, bad-ass, mid-scooped distortion

I'm unaware of this existing.

And will you go used? If so, whats your location?
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Peavey JSX, you can probly find a combo or head/cab for your budget
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Where's Waldo?

I think the amps that best fit your description would be Engl amps. You get a solid tube amp with awesome distortion and what I think great clean! See if you can try the Thunder 50 E320 and Screamer 50 E330 models, these are both great amps. Only negative side to them is that they're hella heavy to carry around, but you said you aren't looking to use them for gigging. For studio work they're awesome to work with!
+1 to the carvin v3 or even a v3m
randall t2/v2

perhaps sell a bunch of stuff and save up for an axe fx?
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It is NOT trash metal it is tHrash metal...get it right
Before I make up my mind, I definitely need to test some of these bad boys out, wouldn't you say?? So does anyone know where I can test some ENGLs out at a music store or something in Los Angeles?

EDIT: BTW, I am only in LA for a week (this Saturday I go to see LA Rising!!! F**K YEAH!!) so I don't have much time before i go back home!!
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I see a few Invaders on your craigslist but they are like $2K

Never played it...but what about this Powerball?


Check all your Guitar Centers too for used amps.

What's up with the Boogie hate? Much more choices there bro.
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What's up with the Boogie hate?

Dude I love the Mark V, don't get me wrong! It's just I don't have the money for a Mesa Boogie they're just freaking expensive... If i had the money I would just get a Mark V and be done, haha!
Before I leave my Randall playing field ... Has anybody played a Randall warhead?? And about the mesa boogies I was seeing on craigslist; DAyUM!! I could find myself one of those for that cheap?? sweet! The distortion on the Mesa Boog rects are not my flavor though. Played a dual and triple rect before and it didn't strike MY fancy.
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what type of stuff do you play mostly - influences and such?

Frequently the metal stuff like LoG, Death, Pantera, Machine Head, etc.
But What i will be writing also has a more quiet clean side to it akin to Tool, NIN, Opeth, or the same ilk.

But right now I am definitely in a metal phase. It has to have a tight-ass distortion!

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Is your budget only for the amp or is that the Half Stack budget?

It's the whole amp budget, so most tube amp heads are out of the budget for me. I have to be able to afford either just the combo or both the head and cab with the $1000-$1200
WELL, I played at a friend's house the other day. I have been converted to be a Rectifianite!!! It is totally the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier for me now... I just need to find a good one used when I get back home.