Again, drinking rum and coke from a plastic cup
on a love seat in between two freshman girls
who pretend to be more fucked up, most likely.
The synths and low bass of the song lurches on,
like the sound of a car engine starting, telling me
to go! or sit until my youth runs dry.
I turn to the one on my right and tread my intentions
in a black, alcoholic ocean - still above surface,
just awaiting the moment we decide this place is worth
drowning in for the night.

A bedroom of headache off-white walls
with headlights from the street washing over them;
that futile attempt at purity: the darkness still returns
and the lips i kiss taste of cigarette.

My passenger, just tell me where to go and I'll follow;
down open highways at night, out of college melancholia
to perhaps Lake Superior where islands and virtues
form archipelagos in freshwater.

Then, I'd swim to each of them and wouldn't need your love

But do you look that far ahead?
I'm looking at forever instead,
through its threats and in its eyes
as it and I talk during long car rides with no music playing.
I say to it, tell me where to go and I'll follow;
down drunk girls at night, into their morning regrets
and perhaps to the state of mind where we believe
that faith and love are now at the bottom of the sea,
and have been for some time now.

but don't worry,
I'm not that fucked up, not really
here, My Dear, here it is
I'm new here SubwayTo Venus, do you have music for these lyrics? If so would like to here it.
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Allen Hopgood
This is actually a poem and not a set of lyrics. Thank you for reading though.
here, My Dear, here it is