Go to facebook - entrosolet spammed

Go to UG - entrosolet spammed

Not even mad . . . :3 haha

Sick song man, is this on your KxK or have you stuck with your schecter?
haha yeah, best way to do it these days :P

Not gonna lie i prefer the tone of the Schecter during the open chord sections from other songs, not sure if its the tone or the pups in your KxK but i dont think you get as good note definition on this recording as some others, thats just me though.

It sounds amazing during the single note riffs and runs though and i really like the ambient settings you have used!!
Hi man ...

haven t seen you in the fractal forum for a long time now ...

the song is great as always ... your style is very unique and your mixes are still unbelievable ... your guitar sounds realy HUGE and your kick sound is outstanding ... your playin is tight and it is nearly impossible to write any constructive critic ...

this stuff is perfect since it hits your personal preferance ... and you have done that ;-)

realy glad to know that you are still making this AWESOME songs

for c4c here is mine


anyway ... i hope to hear lots more of this killer songs

Greatz M
Freaking sick song man! One of the best things I've ever come across on this site. Opening was really cool. What I'll call the "chorus" (around 1:00) was just great, and I loved the ambient guitar on that part. The recording quality was great, very clear, though the drums and bass could have been a little louder. Freaking awesome!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1465800