Im trying to find the best settings on my bass amplifier to create a sound use by the bassists in The World Alive and Motionless In White, can anyone help out please?
To try a learning approach, why not describe to us what you think is going on first? Sometimes all it takes is a few in depth listens and you'll find it quick, Wikipedia shows "The world Alive" guy playing a epi or gibby ripper bass, and the "Motionless in White" page says they had a bass player from 2005-2009 then another bassist who now plays rhythm guitar and they don't have a bassist. Without listening to them, and assuming the fact they don't have a bass player anymore means something, I am willing to bet it was a zero mids lots of bass and treble deal, while the guitars did the same and severely down tuned and used a bunch of gain, so when they stopped playing bass no one noticed.

If you're playing alone that's fine, but most newer "metal" bassists end up being seldom heard, or just end up beefing up the existing rhythm guitar when playing with others.
I notice after a while of messing around with eq you eventually "get it". There isn't a much better approach than to mess around with your eq settings, both on your bass and your amp, and find out what tonal capabilities your gear has. Use that knowledge to get it as close to you can to what you want.
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^ that's true as well, if you're guy plays a cranked tube SVT, and you're playing a fender rumble 15 you can forget really dialing in much of a similar tone.

Well I checked them out, and they are the epitome of everything I hate about modern metal. But I stuck with it to see, one guy in the Alive plays a J bass and something like a music man, The White band guy plays what looks like some modernish soapbar bass. Either way I had a hard time albeit with my laptop speakers hearing them.

Also, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKZupuM85Ek Why does the guitarist have a $hit hit the fan makeup style?
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