Ok I've been writing songs for a while, but can't get a good rock idea, I've done a lot of folk rock like neil young acoustic stuff, but can''t get a pure head banging rock song, can you give me some tips to wright a classic rock kind of sound, something from 60's-80's, when I say this I mean the sound that everyone loves to just rock out to, this example might be a bit frowned on but it's a perfect example, good riffs, good lyrics, and it's not even a real song XD
Hi JakePlaysGuitar,

In my experience I have found that if I try to force something it usually ends up sounding just that - forced.

Think of a theme and start jotting down notes and ideas. Don't worry what they are and don't try to decifier what they mean, they maybe just random thoughts, but write them down anyway.

For example, say the song is "I want to rock". What are the thoughts, feelings, emotions, personal experiences that you have in regards to this, or what are the thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences of people you know.

Do this for starters but don't be to hard on yourself.
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Allen Hopgood
Uh... sometimes I just kinda jam off to and something comes up. It takes a bit of dedication but something will come up. I'm more into alternative rock but I know that using scales in quick succession gives a kind of classic rock sound to it. In terms of lyrics just kind of let it flow a bit.
Sometimes I just kind of make some poems that are relative. Stuff just kind of comes to you and you can come up with some pretty satisfactory and meaningful results. Just kind of play around.

Also, it's good to let it be driven your own emotion and angst. It comes out generally better.
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