Critting as I listen:
First of: It sounds great, playing is perfect and your vocals are on point.
Your voice sounds good, very timid and calm.
You sound a little like the vocalist for Mayday Parade xD
The chord you play at 1:09 doesn't sound right, I don't know if it's intentional.
Overall it's good and enjoyable, to me atleast because I like the original song too.

If I would have to change one thing, I would add more dynamics to the song.
Your vocals sound the same in both the verse and the chorus etc.
You can change the volume in parts or change the feeling your expressing.
Same goes for the guitar playing, you can try varying it more again volume, strum pattern or even the way of playing. I tried picking the chords in verse, sounds cool to me. I think adding more dynamics will make it more interesting and improve the performance overall.
I don't know if you'll agree with me, but you can experiment with it f you want to add to what you already have. Which is already very good IMO

Could you please check out my cover of Iridescent by Linkin Park:
thanks man i do agree, song was kinda low in my vocal range so it was kinda hard in some parts. i messed up a few chords here and there and its hard to cuz its originaly played on piano, ur right about the dynamics, i just kinda threw this all together in a few mins so i didnt take the time to learn picking patterns and what not, thank u tho, ill crit urs now!
Sounds good man if I were to give you some crit I'd say work on strengthening up your vocals a bit. I'm not much of a singer myself so I can't really specifically help you but if you can find some good vocal exercises and stick with it I'm sure you would see a difference. Btw good job on "How He Loves" too, you had some nice harmonies.
thank you, i am working on my vocals and trying to get the better, i did it live tho too so its not gonna be perfect, and thanks!
Hey thanks for the crit

I've never heard this song before but to be honest just from listening to your cover i like it!!
I agree with the other 2 crits you've gotten about the vocals, although your voice sounds nice a few exercises to strengthen your vocals will only make you better.

Good job.
I really enjoyed this. You've got a great soothing voice and are a great artist. I listened to some more of your videos though (orginails) and covers, and the thing that bugs me is they all almost blend in and just leave a similar image. I would suggest working on your dynamics as pointed out above. Great job nevertheless.
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Hey man, thanks alot for the feedback on my cover. Really enjoyed this cover, you've got a nice voice and the playing was clean. I'm not really familiar with Mayday Parade so I don't know the original but the chord progression was really cool and kinda unique for an acoustic arrangement. Nothing really negative to say at all man, really solid job. Will sub on Youtube!