So have been dieing to upgrade my line 6 spider iii 75watt to get some nice clean sounds. I've decided tube amps are the way to go and have been looking around and seen a lot of different amps. Im off to uni in next couple of months so don't want anything to big. Been looking at the blackstar ht-5r, marshall class5, fender champ XD and fender blues junior. I play in a function cover band so play a large variety of songs, i have a boss me-70 for my effects but just getting kind of sick of the line 6 tone. I doesn't matter to much about volume as i can mic it up but head room is always nice. Just wandering what people opinions are on these amps? Im tempted to go try them all out soon but can't get to my guitar shop for a while. Im was set on a blues junior but their quite pricey and so hard to find second hand, so have been looking at others but wandering if it will be worth the money. Or if you know any other nice valve amps that would be great! Many thanks!!
I'd go for a Pro Jr. instead of a Blues Jr. Richer, fuller, stronger tone, and it felt like it had more headroom to me. Also check out the Jet City JCA20H--there's one on eBay for $135 shipped with 3 days to go right now, they're crunchier but you can clean 'em up. Without knowing what kind of tone you want I can't really recommend more than that.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
Out of the amps you mentionted, i'd go for the Blues junior. Awesome tone in that little thing. If you play more modern stuff, try the Blackstar at the nearest music store, it may suit you better.