Its a cool piece. Slick guitar riffs for the lead. Your playing is really impressive. I like that you did your own bass part as well, it seemed to fit the song and fill the dead spaces. It really helped the song. I like this piece. I don't know what it is, but the guitar seemed to be a little muffled, but that's just me. Nice job
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This is pretty sick, I don't usually listen to anything like this. But I thought it sounded really good. The bass and guitar really fit well together. Very nice lead guitar riffs.
Hey man,

Not really my style of music but this has a pretty cool groove!

I'd reccomend maybe programming midi drums and bass in future just for a little a bit of extra tightness and maybe a little thicker sounding guitars.
I liked the sound of the guitar, the hooky riffs and the solo. In general I like your style of guitar playing, and probably other pieces you write ... so I'll look out for them.
I really like the tone of your guitar. What kind of setup do you have going on?
It's been said before, but the timing is off, most noticeably the first time the rhythm and lead guitars come in at the same time. Your timing does seem to improve later in the track.

You sound like quite a skilled guitarist, and that was one nice solo, but I'm wondering where you want to take this. There are tons of really cool, blues based solos like this one out there. What exactly do you want to do with your music?

Hope this helped