Hi, I'm new here, and was not sure if this is the right forum to ask on, if there is a section for troubleshooting please correct me :P Tonight I was playing my guitar when suddenly the amp starts giving terrible noise, like the sound when you plug in the cable when the amp is already on. It wouldn't go away. I tried two different cables and ensured my guitar output jack was ok. I turned the amp on and off. When I turned the amp on without the guitar plugged in, the noise was gone. Any tips?

It usually gives some small noise but it goes away when I touch any metal in the guitar. However this is much worse and touching the metal won't help.

Oh and it's a Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube solid state amp. I bought it maybe a month ago so it's brand new.
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Okay, that part that you use on your guitar to plug the chord in needs to be removed and the wire needs to be re-sodered on the guitar. You'll need a soldering iron and a bit of solder as well as some cleaning flux. I recomend the smaller solder. Essentially of the 2 wires coming out one needs to be wrapped around the circular holes on both sides of the metal peice. Once this has been done, apply solder onto the wires (its basically like metallic glue that will give an audio connection to the chord from the guitar but it has to come into contact with the metal end of the chord.) You may also need to restrip the wire but I'd just take it to a place to get it done because if you dont know what you're doing or you're an idiot you can severely **** the guitar up or yourself (solder burns at an intensely high rate of celcius only so you can burn shit if you're not smart enough to realize that it basically turns into LIQUID the second its hot enough and can burn right through your ****ing pants)
Thanks for the replies! I found out that one of the wires connected to the output jack had dislocated, so I got it soldered back. Now my guitar sings again!