Hi all,
New to classical guitars in general. I've been playing electric guitar for about 2-3 years now and my acoustic steel string guitar on and off. Lately I've become quite interested in learning more classical and Spanish pieces. The current acoustic i have now (a Tanglewood) is a nightmare to play and fret buzz everywhere. The main thing is I'm a lefty and learned electric left handed, so my choices in guitars are somewhat limited.

I've been looking into buying a classical guitar of a budget around £150 max as a means to test the waters, but it's been somewhat hard to find any left handed classical guitars at the price without them being the starter packs. I've done some internet research about right to left hand conversions and read acoustics and classical's guitars are "hard to do" due to the bracing and the neck. I don't know what this fully means, but is the neck slanted or thinner on one side to accommodate the fretting hand thus swapping the guitar around make it difficult to play? What are the cons for swapping a right handed nylon string guitar to left hander?

I spoke to a local guitar luthier/repairmen and he said a conversion is possible to do (swapping the nut and bridge) and more easier to do on a classical guitar as opposed to acoustic steel strings. Is this true? Is it a viable choice after a good setup or does it really effect the tone and playability?

I've been looking at buying right handed, Admira Concert's or ADMIRA MOD. SEVILLA, Raimundo 112 or Joan Cashimira Mod 20 (sorry I don't really know what brands are good let alone good for my price range)

Any information of experiences shared would be greatly appreciated!

All I think you would need to do is buy a lefty nut, and replace it with that, most guitars don't care what way you string them, it's just that nut has to be right so the strings will sit right.

Jimi Hendrix strung strats left handed with no problems.
It's not hard and shouldn't be bad for the guitar. Buy a lefty nut and switch the bridge bar around and you're good to go. Don't get frustrated and quit on us now! Classical is a different beast altogether with limitations and difficulties that you don't find playing other guitars/genres. Hope everything works out