Hey guys.

I just got a used kit and am having trouble setting some parts up.

1. The snare is nearly level with my shoulders and I can't figure out how to lower it.
2. I can't figure out how attach the rack toms.

I already checked YouTube but all of the videos I found were posted by expretvillage.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Well, on the snare stand there is a nut you can loosen, usually in between the bottem of the snare and the legs, thatll loosen up nd you can slide the stand up or down.

As for the toms, there is many different options depending on what mounting hardware ya using...im guessing ur just mounting toms into holes in the top of the bass drum? If thats the case, take ur tom arm (the thing that looks like a metal bendy straw), slide the short end into the hole, or opening on the tom. Tighten up and lock so it doesnt move, then slide the other end into the hole on top of bass drum.
Would you be able to take any pictures of the kit?
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Quote by Skinny91
Would you be able to take any pictures of the kit?

Both my computer and camera are bullshit. I've managed to set up the drums up so they are at least playable for a rookie like myself, so I don't think it's worth the trouble of dealing with frustrating technology. Thanks anyways, both of you.
If a pizza has a radius of "Z" and a height of "A" it has a volume of pi(z)(z)(a)
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