I'm looking to buy a solo booster pedal when I get my blues junior amp.

I have a fulltone catalyst, clyde wah and wampler faux tape echo. And I am also buying an octafuzz, either proctavia or the fulltone.

I will use the catalyst as an always on pedal, and will need a boost for my solos. The wah on the toe position is quite good, but not for all situations. Also not sure if the octafuzz will cut through the mix enough to be used as a boost!

Only problem is, there's no effects loop to stick a clean boost or eq into. So I was thinking of just sticking an eq after my overdrives, and kicking that on for solos. Though I don't want to drive the preamp too hard, and just end up getting more gain and no volume increase....

Anyone have any suggestions? Should the eq after my overdrives do as a boost?

Thanks very much!
putting the EQ after the overdrive should work but you will have to play with both eq's to find the settings that work together as well as when the eq is off.

as this is standard practice here perhaps you might want to think of getting an amp with an FXloop or one with a better dirty channel so youi can use the overdrive for a boost.