Anyone else seen this nut job drz2023 on youtube?

He's completely insane and is apparently sending messages back from the future

some of his messages are pretty damn hilarious
Thought this would be about the amps. It is not. Y U DO DAT?!

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You are epic my friend ;-)
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At this point I'd be more surprised if you found me a Christian children's entertainer that didn't sodomize and eat kids.
I don't get it. Does this guy think he's for real or is he's just doing it for the "lulz"?
To be vulnerable is needed most of all, if you intend to truly fall apart.

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You have no idea how much I don't want to tell stories about my mother's vaginal slime on the internet.

I make music sometimes.
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Wasn't that dude on Rob and Big?

think so they were both called dr z