So me and my friend decided to record " Baby " with Justin Bieber for fun. But we still did it pretty seriously ( with so much autotune as possible, haha.) I think it turned out pretty good actually, haha.

Hope you like it, or find it amusing, or something. hehe. ( Even if the song is kinda bad )

( I'm singing the Biber part )

Link : http://soundcloud.com/filiplindes/baby-babies-erik-filip
Quote by Disymmetry
That wasn`t a parody, that was a cover. It was pretty good til the rap part though. If you want a Baby parody, watch this awesome video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzMhh8zhTiY

Yeah, I guess you're right. We just thought out if as a " Parody cover " when we made it, because of all autotune and stuff. Haha my friend had never rapped before, and we had on some " deep soul " effect on his voice, it turned out pretty bad, lol.
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