whats the best guitar for a muse sound? Not his signature model. Would a tele with humbuckers work? I have a marshall jcm2000 and fuzz factory in check so.
You seen any vids of matt playing live? You know he has that cool synth thing near the floyd right? Just saying.

Erm, tbh with you, the guitar department shouldn't be the first place to look. The jcm is a great start as is the fuzz but you gotta think about more effects.

Defo get humbuckers and tbh, a floyd may help with the atmospheric shiz, but not necessary. I would personally go for a versatile kinda guitar: Thinking fat strat w/floyd or along those lines. Tele has a different kinda sound to it, can't quite explain but it's not quite muse.

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get a Fernades Monterey with a sustainer and then put a bareknuckle nailbomb in the bridge. It'll essentially be a les paul with bellamy's pickups. You can get it with a floyd rose too if you want to do stuff like Knights of Cydonia, and it'll only cost about $1200 (thats AUD though...) for a pretty excellent guitar.

But what do you want to sound just like bellamy for? Unless you're playing in a Muse covers band I'd say its a bad idea to just copy people's tone.
he uses a metric ****ton of effects, your're not gonna get that close with just a guitar. what guitar have you got now cos you should be able to get a fairly decent muse tone with a fuzz factory
with a good guitar, the fuzz factory and the amp you'll get a couple of great tones for Origin of Symmetry sounds, but for more recent stuff, like these guys said, you'll need more effects.
Any H - H guitar will work well. Put a BKP pickup in the bridge, maybe a P90 of some sort in the neck.

I would also get something like a Boss GT-10, or a similar high end multi fx pedal.
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Literally anything. He's used a ton of different guitars and it's rare that he uses the same guitar more than twice on any album. Single coils, P90s, humbuckers, P90s in the size of a humbucker, humbuckers in the size of a single coil, he's used them all. Not to mention that 90% of the Muse tone is about saturated effects. Literally any guitar can get a good Muse tone. The important bit is the fuzz and the effects.
He used to use SGs, Yamahas, DC Les Pauls and I saw him iwth an Ibanez of some sort around 10 years ago.

The weird pad behind the bridge is a Korg Kaos Pad - John Paul Jones had one on the weird looking slide he played with Them Crooked Vultures (Nobody Loves Me, and Neither Do I).

You'll need a Roland synth system, a Digitech Whammy, a Tremelo and a decent phaser too.
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What's your budget?
Which album/songs do you have in mind?
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Well the Fuzz Factory will only be able to get a few of his older tones (from Absolution and Origin) so for the more recent stuff, as these guys have said, you need more effects.
And he hasn't used a JCM since before he had his Diezels.