3 Friends and I started up a band awhile ago called Despite Evil. We have a bassist, lead guitarist, and I'm the drummer. We also have a couple songs written already and we have one or two recorded. We play hard rock/metal and aren't afraid to try new things as far as unorthodox tonalities or weird songs where multiple genres combine are involved. We want to rip the doors off on what you know as metal and rock and are looking for a singer that's capable and willing. We're all 16 about to turn 17 so that would be a good age, but a little older is fine.

Singer - A singer who has a distorted voice but still has that ability to hit some pitches and not just someone who growls and thats it. We're leaning towards someone who purely sings (Think Pop Evil, or even bands like Godsmack or Avenged Sevenfold.)

Guitarist - Our style is mainly a very rhythym based thing, but we would both play different lead lines that would harmonize which could help to individualize the two guitars. So in a sense we're both playing rhythm, but we're also both playing lead, just not the most difficult leads although there will be solos.

Contact us at mypodtunes@aim.com
or comment on the below Youtube video which is me doing a cover of Welcome to The Family by Avenged Sevenfold. Cheers

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Damn, I would but I'm up here in Canada. I could definitely be a rhythm guitarist, my playing style is a bit of a lead style but I can do rhythm for sure.