I am going to buy an amp and I have a choice to make between 2 cabinets. I am going to get a dual rectifier, but I don't know if i should get the recto cab (Slanted 4x12) or a marshall one. I kind of want to have matching Head and Cabinet but i also want to have the classic wall of marshalls, well, just one but i am not familiar with any marshall cabinets so thats where you guys come in! What marshall cabinet would sound good with the Recto, or would the Recto cab sound better?

I have seen something about like the Marshall 1960 cabinet or someting? is that a good one? or the 800 series cabinet?

I can find a used Recto cab for under $500 and i would perfer to keep it that price as well

thanks for the help!
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The Mesa has a ton more bass and projects better. So unless you've got an amp with a boomy low end, I'd probably go with the Mesa 412.
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as far as construction goes on them cabs, mesa is a sure win. they as well as orange build some of the best cabinets in mass quantity.

but from what i have messed around with a rec is that it would probably mix a lot better with the V30's in the mesa cabs than the T75's that are in the Marshall cabs.

i am not positive that all of the marshall current cabs are t75, but most of the cabs you would find used would have them in it.
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I'd say the mesa. But until you hear them both with the same amp, you've got no way to tell.
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So whats the difference between the regular recto cabs and the oversized ones? more bass?
"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
If you can get a cab from Earcandy straight from the manufacturer, they have awesome customer service....


Honestly, I would go with the Mesa.
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If it can't sound good coming out of a Marshall 1960a cab then it will probably never sound good! If you have the ability to A/B them then do that but my vote is for a 1960a cab