Has anybody ever heard of this organization? Basically it serves as a networking for musicians of all different styles and skill levels and allows people to connect with other musicians from around the world. They have over 50,000 members, some even being very well known musicians. You can go to the forums and ask any questions involving the music industry and tips on becoming successful. They host their own music awards which anyone can enter into as long as they become a part of the website, and they give awards in many categories, they have an award for over 100 different genres, involving best song, best album and more in each genre. They receive over 40,000 songs and have many judges who judge them, based on only one criteria, does it move you. Anyways I thought it was something to share with UG. Check it out. They do the awards every 2 or 3 years, due to the massive amount of entries they get that they must listen to. Here's the link

zapatista89 wrote:

you know the music from zelda that plays when you open a chest? that played in my head reading that headline.

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dammit we're the guitar players! why don't we have all the chicks?!
I've only heard of them because Celldweller won like 4-5 awards for his first album.
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