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Thanks for the crit.

Godzilla Wave Surf:
As usual, awesome job on the recording and mixing
By the end though I was really wondering when the song was going to pick up, and then it ended. Very cool track but I'm just not a big instrumental fan (hypocritical, i know, since the song of mine you critiqued was an instrumental)

Running out of Time:
The guitar tone sounds sort of flat. I have no idea how to fix this, but I figured it was worth mentioning.
I like the vocals, very B-52-ish.
Chorus is going to be stuck in my head.
It might be cool if the song was played faster
Good lead work

Great stuff man, your music always impresses me.
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Nice intro, that weird echo-y sound that comes in is interesting, and not what I was expecting (in a good way). Nice atmosphere overall. Really cool tune, I like it a lot! It's a bit short, but would definitely listen again. Can imagine chilling out to it.

Running out of time:
Good intro again, all that reverb on the snare sounds cool for this song, has quite an 80's vibe. Overall it's very well structured, each new intrument comes in at the just the right time etc. As for how it could be improved, I was struggling to think of anything until I got to the end of the song. It's just kinda stops, I don't really think the ending quite lives up to rest of the song (which is excellent).

Anyway overall, both songs are really very good and the production is top notch. Quite a lot of effects being used and and they're handled just right. If I had to choose a favourite, it'd be Godzilla Wave Surf.
Well i'm back once again!

Godzilla: The thing I like most about this song is the style, very cool attributes to it. Echoing goodness. Me likey, a lot. Mix is great, playing is great. Overall cool stuff.
Thanks for the crit

Godzilla: I don't like all the heavy effects you've got on the guitars, and I think your levels are a bit high, especially on the guitar. Interesting concept though. Your guitar work is very good.

Running out of time: My first impression is that it sounds very similar to godzilla. The song reminds me of the scooby-doo cartoon, which is cool. I'm glad that you've got some vocals on this track. The drums were a little too 80's for my taste, and there was a general outdated feel to the entire song. I like the way modern music sounds, and I believe most people feel the same way. If you intend to go professional with your music, this is an important consideration to make.

Your vocals were a bit nasally/flat, and they were too effects-laden for me to really appreciate the lyrics. Again, your guitar work is great.

It looks like you've got the capabilities to make some really great sounding music. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for your crit on all my stuff! I would crit all of yours if it wouldn't take 16 hours to do so

Godzilla Wave Surf: Cool bass riff, reminds me of Brent Hinds' (Mastodon) solo projects. Digging the ambience, very soothing. Not much to poke at here! Awesome!

Running Out of Time: tbh your music has always struck me as off-kilter. It belongs in the freaking '80s (not bad. that was an awesome decade for music). Very post-punk/new wave-like. The delay/reverb on the vocals is a little heavy, I'd like to hear a drier version of the vocals. Now the vocals themselves aren't bad; they remind me of David Byrne from the Talking Heads. Guitar is a little muddy, and I think some chorus on it would do wonders imo. Songwriting's great on this one!

nice vintage bass vibe. I luv that clicking chaw chaw chaw sound its like the VERY TEETH OF MY MUSICAL MOUTH IS SPEAKING IN A LANGUAGE OF THE INFINITE

I wish you knew.

The guitar is VERY well done in the back there , the mixing is super professional. FOR ME PERSONALLY, I wouldn't get into this on its own, but it would be an AMAZING accompaniment for a lot of things, fear and loathing style DESERT DRIVING. Be proud of this, it's VERY clean.

Make you a deal! I'll do your second song if you crit the new one I made

ok running out. BEAUTY chords, very nice diminished feeling going on there. The GUITAR is nice, meshing in really well, you have a very cohesive sound. I WOULD LIKE if the guitar counterpointed those first chords a bit more instead of just agreeing with them. NICE to get some vocals. this is REALLY fresh. REMINDS ME OF THE RESIDENTS if they were on MTV. I QUITE like your glossy production, it's a neat sound. Lyrics are cool, you could even go farther out with them with a soundscape like this. GOOD JOB MAN!!

Return da luv my bruv!
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I love you all no matter what.
Thanks for critic on my track, i will critic as i listen to your tracks..

-Love the intro, a bit spacious and builds up very nicely... I am just waiting for the track to pick up and get into a more "involved" part. Or maybe just change direction a little bit so its not the same the whole way through. If it were me, after the pause at 1:00 id do something a bit different, maybe make it a bit more dramatic or something or even come in with some heavy/quiet guitar..

good track though and great mixing, keep it up!

Running out of time...
-Like the intro, i like how the drums start first then everything else slowly comes in. The guitar has got a nice tone. The vocals are nice and they go with the type of song very nicely. Nothing on this track is really bad. I feel like again, its repetitive. This would probably be what your going for, but for me it is kinda irritating. Also, it ended quiet quickly, id do a different ending if i were you.
The bassline in Godzilla Wave is really nice, I like it. All of the instruments in it flow nicely. Not much to say about it for me. Nice job.

Running out of time, the opening guitar reminds me of Muse. The whole vibe honestly reminds me of Muse, the vocals are actually very fitting and nice. Nice guitar tone as well, like it a lot man. Thanks for the crit on my stuff, and if you ever see anything of mine don't hesitate to post your stuff, I enjoy listening to it!
Nice production on Godzilla Wave, almost pictured a pagan orgy fest when I listened to it, then I came back to reality. Playing was tight and the mixing was excellent as usual, I need to sit down with you and let you school me on mixing. Nice work!
Hey dude nice work as usual. Godzilla is a really nice track, no complaints. Would be good to hear some more movement though. Running out of Time has a really neat 80's feel and sound to it. Love the vocals and yeah, very nice
I listened to Godzilla wave surf, and well it really isnt my type but I was able to listen to it througly and well it was nice lol.
Godzilla: First of, this isn't my type of music really.. But it's a nice production and I like all the psychedelic like effects.. It's actually a great atmosphere you created! The bass sound is a little boring I think. -try adding a little chorus and some more bottom to it.. I don't really know where you are going with this but if it's a buckethead kind of thing, you are pretty close to nailing it
Textures - greatest band ever

A bit repetitive but thats my only complaint. Really well pieced together, high quality recording! was really loving the echoy clicky thing at the beginning. I could see it being on a movie or TV show, something like CSI: Miami where on the intro the camera is just floating above the city, and then shit hits the fan. But in all seriousness. well done, well put together

Running Out of Time

Bit more cliche name than the previous track but oh my god this is so ridiculously awesome. I feel like I should be running down the street on halloween with some monsters at my back or something. once again impressive quality! my untrained ear cant really tell the difference between this and say studio level stuff so props to you sir. all your tracks seem to have a real sense of versatility to them as well. Nice job
I really liked running out of time, it was indeed a bit creepy and weird but this is a good thing, my only crit would be that I didn't find it very involving if that makes sense. It very much feels like something you'd have on in the background (this may just be my musical taste though) hope that helps
hey aarkvark! Thanks for the crit on the Terminator Theme!

Godzilla Wave surf - I really liked your use of effects on and thought that the simplistic approach to the track really worked with the theme you were trying to put across in the song. The guitar sounded very crisp in the mix and the bass kept the main drive of the music very well. It left me wishing it was a bit longer though!

Running out of time - I can really hear the influence of your favorite artists on this track. The chord progression, mix and production of the track are very reminiscent of the mid 80's and I imagine that was exactly what you were going for so high five on that! I thought all of the playing meshed well together and there was no trace of ego or a need to prove anything with this track, the guitar solo was exactly what it needed to be and the vocals had the right amount of tone and melody to not sound like you were trying to emulate the sound you were going for. I would say to spend a little bit more time on the drum track adding and decreasing dynamics in the hits to make it sound a bit more natural.

All around great job!

Hey aaron, thanks for the crit And I've been listening to your stuff for a while now lol, Godzilla is an awesome song, the bass line is sick, repeted a lot but never gets boring. It has an out of body feel to it, perfect! Running out of time still has your "classless" style of music (electronic?) but its just as good. Only criticizm i have is the drums sound kind of fake, I'm sure it was a vst or a drum machine but just tweek the settings and it'll be better, though its not even that important. I do like godzilla more but thats just because I find the singing a bit too wierd for me lol :P great job though. Also I rerecorded my song so if you dont mind can you crit this one as well? Thanks in advance
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Godzilla Wave Surf - Really cool vibe to it with some really spacey effect that I dug a lot. The production on the tune was great and everything really jelled together well. I just wish it would've picked up a bit towards the end, it was leading up to an awesome climax, and then just ended!

Running Out Of Time - I really dislike the snare sound on this one, the drums sound way too fake for my liking, but I have a feeling that might've been something you were going for. The whole tune is pretty eerie, but it definitely works well. The chord progression and vocals really add to the odd feel of it, which is weirdly awesome.
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Reviewing - Godzilla Wave Surf

Pretty good stuff man, the bass doesn't sit too well at the beginning but once the guitar/fx comes in it works well.
Overall I can see you've structured it quite well (I can imagine a vocal track over this ). This'll be because you've got the guitar to sit in the background quite well yet keep the piece moving. But a good choice of effects I think! Just take that crispness off of the bass maybe? Only suggestion I can think of besides lengthening it too.

Good work dude; sounds quite trippy and ambient for a surf song but nonethless I'd love to see it with a vocal track .
Godzilla Wave Surf

As others have been saying, it was if it was leading to some kind of climax all the time, but it never came. Maybe that's the kind of tease you were going for, but I think that tease could've turned out better, for a song that weren't so upbeat. Still a nice tune, love the spacey feel to it.

Running out of time

I liked Godzilla Wave Surf better to be honest. This one is not bad at all. But most of it fell a bit flat on me. The vocals are weird, but cool.

Both are very nicely recorded and mixed.

Good job, once again!

GWS: Good recording quality like always, but it seems a bit simple and linear, like its completely content with where it is as opposed to going on a journey. While I understand that when there's a vocal somewhere, its just a bit boring in this context.

Running Out Of Time: Its a solid track, but its really metric, which is probably more the fault of the drum track than anything else. The guitar solo is the same way, really rhythmically correct, but rather stiff. Done live, with live musicians it will probably flow and feel a bit more natural.
Thanks for the crit, man!

Godzilla Wave Surf-
First off, nice production! I really love the effects going on in this song. It has this really huge atmosphere to it. I think my only complaint is the bass tone. I would play around with it a bit and maybe try to find something a little "smoother". Other than that it's a great tune! Nice work!
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I really dug the groove and sound of both songs but I agree that it definitely sounds too 80's, I like how it sounds though. Nice guitar lick at the beginning of Running Out of Time, and I'm digging the creepiness of it too. Pretty good overall!
Dude you're like the Buckethead of New Wave!
You spit out these kick ass songs like nothing:P I'm starting to wonder how you go about when you write a new song!

Do you have a riff idea and make the rest up as you go?

Dude, Running Out Of Time. Makes me nostalgic! Sounds like music from an old video game or something. And not just in a production way, but overall musically. I love it dude. The Distorted guitar tone is a perfect fit to the 80s sound that you've got.

What are your biggest idols? I'm just curious cause if I didn't know you from UG and heard some of your songs, I'd assume that it's some obscure New wave band from the 80s :P

Kick ass songs bro! Not much to say, I've already established that I love your sound so pretty much anything you've done or will do in the future will rock.
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Thank you for listening & commenting! I really appreciate it! It's true, I like the 80's a lot music wise. For me, music peaked in the 70's & 80's, and has been going downhill gradually ever since. It's funny, I was quite pleased with my bass tone on "Godzilla Wave Surf", but several people weren't keen on the bass tone. Oh well. My idols? Van Halen, the Cars, the Cure, Heart, B-52's, Talking Heads, Blondie, Yes, Rush, Aerosmith, ZZ-Top, No Doubt, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, New Order, the Fixx, Devo, and many others. I typically start noodling around on guitar, synths, bass, or try drum patterns until I stumble onto something I like. Then I start building from there. Lots of experimentation, and trail & error is involved. I don't work on vocals (usually) until I'm about half way done with the song. I start the song with a basic drum beat to keep everything in time, and often don't come up with more involved drums until I'm almost done with the song.
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Running out of time is awesome.. listened to it 3 or 4 times now. haha.
i really like your voice, it feels as if the 80's is back.. and its great. You remind me a bit of the echo and the bunnymen singer.. dunno why but thats who i thought of listening to this track.

The more i listen to it, the more i like it. I really like the creepy riff (?) and all the effects and the percussions. How do you do all that? Total noob.

Awesome though dude, keep making music!
I really wanted to like Godzilla wave surf it was just almost there. If it would have had the pick up i saw coming I would have loved it!

Running out of time was better but I was thinking the samething the guy above me said the drums sound fake... idk if there is a way you can remix it or smething i dont know much about mixing! But other than that love it reminds me of this one band i wish i could think of their name.... Love shack is what they do haha

ok, godzilla is just ****ing awesome
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Thanks for the crit

Godzilla Wave Surf - I really like the atmospheric with the surf rock style, its got a really cool sound to it. I think you could build it up a bit more if you increased the length, but I still really liked it

Running Out of Time - I like the main guitar rhythm, the bass and drums are a little cheesy but thats not a negative, I think it fits with the feel of the song. Not my thing, but it has a very vintage feel to it which I think is awesome.
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Godzilla: Its cool, its got its own vibe going on. It has great sound/tone to it. Great production on your part. It did end a little early in my opinion. But that's a solid piece!
Running out of Time: Man, I think you've nailed it on this one. Everything seemed really solid on it for this style. The only thing is maybe trying to make the drums a little more natural, but thats it! nice job!
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

Godzilla: I really like what you did here. The pacing definately evokes surfer-rock style recordings, and the ethereal twist you toss in there is nice. I guess if I have an actual critique of this song, it would be that it seems somewhat incomplete. I feel like this is a really good groove, but you just keep the groove going without really taking it anywhere. Sure, you have some starts and stops, but with the instrumentation there is nothing that really makes me go "oh wow! this is the B section of this song!" The different synth part you have in the latter half of the song comes close, but I still feel some kind of chord or tempo change would greatly aid in giving the song some more sonic diversity while also making the track feel more complete.

Running Out of Time: The intro kinda strikes me as something that would play in the background during a game session of "007:Goldeneye" back on the N64. The vocals are some of the better ones I've heard you do: I can understand what you're saying, and there's a clear vocal hook. Good stuff! I like the song, and it definately gives me more of a spy vibe. Sorta like something the villian would sing during a James Bond musical lol. Random: I like the bass part alot

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godzilla....I like the bass line, the guitar was over effected.
Running out of time sounds like an old megadrive/genesis game.

All were well mixed thought, i will say I have enjoyed some of your earlier stuff better.
Glad you liked "Running Out of Time"! When you say, "How do you do all that?", is there anything in particular you want me to elaborate about? The guitar effects are Tom Scholz Soloist, and the drums are Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module.

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Thank you for listening and for your replies!
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Thanks for the crit. Your mixing was great i thought, im impressed. Also, great guitar work but a little heavy on the effects, but thats more a personal thing. Good job!
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Thanks for the crit.

Gorilla Wave Surf:
The first thing i notice about this track is the really great mixing job you've done on it, all the instruments sound really clear and clean. Something else I like is how no instrument overpowers any of the others in terms of what they are playing. Everything just melds together nicely and cohesively. I admire this in a song because in my experience it's quite hard to do.

Running Out Of Time:
This song is in a similar vein to the first. One thing you could work on is to perhaps make the instruments a bit more interesting during the vocal sections. I really like your solo, it's tasteful and really fits in with the song. Cool bass work too in the beginning, it sets up the atmosphere for the rest of the track.
So here are my thoughts: Godzilla Wave Surf sounds like some combination of surf rock and dub - if it jammed out for a few more minutes it would sound cool and could function in a dub category I suppose, but it still needs a dynamic/musical shift at some the moment it feels more like an idea than it does a song. I think it needs to be developed further, and you'll have something outstanding.
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