There is a 1920's themed party tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear. Ideas?
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A zoot suit? Go watch Boardwalk Empire.
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All white or yellow. The whole book seemed way too self-indulgent on color symbolism crap so that could easily work. If you could pull off a car crash costume or billboard, that could work also. Wear something that people who didn't read the book won't get
I had a couple of these when I was in high school. You can wear a white button up shirt, have a pocket watch, suspenders, dress pants and dress shoes. You can have a bowler hat also. It's nice to wear a suit, some guys did that.

Or you can see a picture and dress like this.

suit and hat foo'
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Do you own a suit? If it's tomorrow I hope you can get one in time.

I don't know how close to the period it's meant to be, but a black three piece suit and a bitchin' hat should suffice. And buy brill cream and grease your hair if it's the right length. If not, maybe hide it in a hat or ponytail it.
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Go as metapod

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Wear a white dress all the time, as a snide reference to Daisy's dark side by showing her exclusively in a colour which represents purity and peace.

Yeah. I did that book in English.

Personally I'd go as the billboard.


Daria did it.
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