Alright so long story short, I'm a guitarist mainly and I don't really know much about specific brands and models for basses. I do a lot of recording and songwriting and I need a high quality bass, so before I spend my money I want to get a few opinions.

It will be used almost exclusively for metal/rock
I probably only need a 4 string
budget is $1,500

I'll be the first to ask, what amp are you playing through or planning to get? Consider it before the bass.

Edit: Also American P bass
As of now I'm recording through a line 6 Pod HD, so there's a lot of variety with the digital amp models. I should be able to find one that works well with pretty much anything.
This is such a broad topic. sigh.

It sounds like your more after a bass that will do what you need than a "High end". Not to sound like a jerk but to me high end is like alembic/Wal etc. mid-high is like spectors/warricks, mid level is Fender/USA Spectors etc.

but then the same as guitars depending on what neck profiles etc. you prefer. (So i dont tell you to buy a fender if you want a thin neck like an ibanez.

Although all that aside a good ibanez would do well for what it sounds like on the information given, with an active pickup etc. I don't own an ibanez so I don't know models off the top of my head but they do alot of things pretty damn well with a great tone also and the high end ones always seem to impress me in stores.
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That's American dollars delirium, and yeah you're pretty much right tofuhead, I'm kind of just looking for the bass to be good enough quality to not sound awkward with other higher end instruments.

If it helps at all I've been playing an LTD AX-54 for the last couple of years and to me there's nothing discernibly wrong with the way the neck feels, the sound on it could just be better.
Well, if you're gonna drop $1500 on a bass, you should really try it out first. For that kinda scratch, you have a lot available to you.

My #1 reccomendation would be a US G&L L2000. It's pretty much THEE swiss-army bass. http://www.glguitars.com/instruments/USA/basses/L2000/index.asp It's pretty much my favorite bass for recording (aside from a vintage P + Ampeg B15)... ESPECIALLY for direct recording, like you're using.

Other good stuff:

-Lakland 44-02
-Carvin SB4000
-Fender Jazz
-Fender P
-Ibanez Prestige SR

Go out and TRY a buncha stuff... shoot, maybe you'll find a $300 bass that sounds exactly like what you need.
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I really like stuff from Ibanez, G&L and Musicman

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There isn't anything wrong with some of the classics. MusicMan Stingray is a very good quality bass and will give you a lot of punch and high end. Fender American P Bass will give you a standard bass sound with lots of punch while the jazz bass will give you a smoother, more mellow sound. Ibanez' instruments are also very good, especially the higher end ones - they have thin necks and are very smooth to play (at least I think so).

This is such a difficult question to answer because of how many different, good options you have to choose from.

After a quick browse through long & mcquades website, in the $1500 range there is the SR1200 by Ibanez, the Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass, and the MusicMan Stingray that I would recommend. I don't personally have experience with these (some with MusicMan) , but I do have experience with the companies and know they produce high quality instruments, especially at that price range.
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That's a pretty good budget there, and with that, the world is your oyster. When you're spending that much, you really need to do some research and try out as much as you can for yourself. Just a few models off the top of my head:

Fender American Standard Precision or Jazz
Fender American Vintage '62 Jazz or '57 or '62 Precision
G&L L2000
G&L SB-2/JB-2
G&L ASAT bass
EBMM Stingray
EBMM Bongo
used Warwick Corvette or Corvette $$
used Spector Euro 4 LX
Lakland Skyline 44-01/44-02
Lakland Skyline 44-64
Dingwall Combustion (if you like fanned frets)
used Ibanez Prestige SR4000E/5000E
used Ibanez Prestige ATK1200
Peavey USA Cirrus
ESP Vintage 4
used Rickenbacker 4003
used Tobias of some variety

Hell, there are even some vintage Fenders and lower-end, used Alembics that fall in your price range.
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So, like, um. What kind of sound are you going for? There are a shit tonne of different tones used between different "metal/rock" players. Give us some examples, also have a look at what equipment the bass players out of those bands are playing.
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So, like, um. What kind of sound are you going for? There are a shit tonne of different tones used between different "metal/rock" players. Give us some examples, also have a look at what equipment the bass players out of those bands are playing.

Very true, to me sound is important, and second is aesthetics, feel is important, but I've played a thick, 34" scale P bass, down to my 22.75 scale duo sonic, nothing has ever really impeded my playing, so feel while important can for me at least be overcome the easiest, but that's no excuse not to try before you buy.

Also I don't mean to be rude or knock you, but like Din said you might be satisfied with something cheaper, or even modify a cheaper bass to suit. Say if you went fender, a MIM or Squier CV/VM, might work. I've never worked with a Pod but I just don't want you spending excess money for some recordings, if you didn't need to. Again, if you feel you need it or do, then by all means go for it, I just find on most forums when someone mentions a big budget, people tend to get eager for instrument pron and suggest really extravagant ideas (IMO). Sorry if I sound like like a cheap bastard I was just raised to think "just cause you have X doesn't always mean you need to spend X".
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TS, take a good look at Fender's American Standard Jazz and Precision. They're in your budget and they are the standards (no pun intended) by which the others are judged. Most bassists eventually find their way back to the Fender. You might as well start there if you've got the cash for a good one.
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By all means if you want to spend $1500 go for it but it sounds like its a bit unnecessary. Your amp/recording setup would be alot more important in the sound department. If youre mainly a guitar player I would recommend Ibanez because Im mainly a guitar player and the necks are an easy transition and I love the way they feel. A SR1000 EFM just went on ebay a couple days ago for $479. Wish I would have bought it mi self. But above all else try anything and everything you can in a store or before you buy it off someone. Also IMO its not worth it to buy new, you can save so much money when buying and selling and there are so many instruments out there that are in pristine condition
Go out and find a used American Fender P or J for a 1000 or less and drop the rest on your recording setup. They'll both do anything you need to do.