Alex, breathing, but not conscious of anything, not even of his existence, looked down at his knees. “Knees,” he muttered, as if he was seeing them for the first time and inventing a name for them. “Ankles, heel, feet, toes.” Alex began re-inventing his body. “Thighs, penis, hips, stomach, belly button, lint? Chest, armpits, arms, neck, head, face.” He named them all. He invented the words and appropriated them to the appropriate body parts. Sitting upon that rock Alex had transformed himself from a nothing chunk of flesh, bones, and blood into a thinking, conscious, creative being. Alex stood up, looked at the strangeness that surrounded him, and started calling out names; “Trees. Leaves. Plants. Grass. Sky. Birds. Squirrel. Rocks. Sun. Wildflowers. Me. Horizon.” He created a whole world for himself. A world full of these things, these things that stood about and at first served no purpose, but when examined carefully they introduced themselves to him. They wore “Hello my name is…” nametags. They gave him a rough history of their ancestry and how they came to being. They told him their sleep cycles. Described to him how they eat and how they drink. They told him they share the same air. They share the same water. They told him that he grew out of the dirt just like them with worms in his hair and roots around his limbs. He touched a tree. It felt nice on his hand. He sat back down on his rock, or a rock, as he knew he didn’t possess the rock, but accentuated its existence with his own. They were friends, he thought. He had beaches and beaches and beaches of tiny little friends all across the globe. He wanted to hug them all at once.
This was beautiful. I sense some philosophical undertones in this; if they were intentional, I'm very impressed and further amazed. Your narrative voice is wonderfully evocative and just fun to read. I really need to get around to reading the rest of The Existence of Peas one of these days.

EDIT: My one nitpick is the phrase "appropriated them to the appropriate body parts." The repeated use of 'appropriate" is annoying and really detracts from that part.
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I was most likely going to fix that phrase, so thanks. And yes, they are intentional, but not yet finished. I need to polish it up a bit more, maybe...I think.