Hi everyone,

Around 3 month ago i noticed that the central pickup
was broken since if i put the pickup switch to "central" i have no sound.
I'd like to know,if the central pickup is broken...the quality of the sound
using the other pickup [all neck,all bridge] is worse or is the same?

Thanks in advice.
I'm no expert, but I think if you're not getting any sound it's more than likely a wiring issue. IE wires coming loose and what not.

As for your actual question, I have no idea. But I doubt it (that is I doubt it changes).
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Nah it doesn't, I had this happen to me with my SG, the neck pick-up completely went, but when I had a check inside and sorted the problem the bridge sounded just the same.
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Ok thanks to both,today i've to change chords so i'll check if the pickup wire are ok.

if you're bridge and neck still work fine then i doubt any noticable difference in sound for them. as for the middle pickup, is it really broken or might the wiring be sloppy?
MMM i don't know..
i opened the pickup,removed the waxe and just i extracted the internal part
of the pickup a white cable jumped out while a red one was still connected.
The problem is that i don't know where the white cable was