Green hat snap backed
Like a black bitches hairline
Aged 20 years
Like a French wine I’m so fine

But when I speak I
Sound like a white guy
So I’ve been known as Mr. Oreo

Live with mother, brother, and sister
Under one room roof with a missing mister
Now I’m the head of a big bastard family
But its too much, cuz I am still just a kid

someone give advice
on how to cope with my
sad sorry story of a life that should be televised
on that channel lifetime
that’s made for all those f*cking dykes
because I cry alone at night
when thinkin bout my future

its not odd, its not even promising
all I imagine is people hearing the choir sing
after I lose my life to the f*cking knife
that broke the levees of my wrist
and let the red rivers run dry

this shit makes Shakespeare look like a happy lad
I swear I’m not on this gay ass odd future fad
I’m just a person with a home and a family
But in my mind I’m never home, I’m schizo, the phrenic

Alpha the Omega, he’s the one I chose to follow
My father’s left us behind, so I’m looking for tomorrow
To bring a better day, but I shouldn’t f*cking bother
Cuz there’ll be a new sorrow
A new inspiration
my charter

And I think that I’m
f*cking sad because I hide
Behind a grand façade to mask
The feelings that boil up at night
I’ve more than one, so don’t call me two face
I’m worse than Harvey, you’d best call me Octuple Eight

A black bastard that studies shit at Cornell
Physics, engineering, and much more, school’s a living hell
all I want is to be loved and make the music
But life’s oh so random man, you never get to choose it

If I could get a girl to like me
I’d stop trying so hard
and learn to love my life g
I’d find my father
And tell him I’m sorry I’ve been
Such a disappointment...
F*CK that shit
I’d rather be ME

A black boy with a woody that is always supreme
Because he don’t have chicks relieve him of the seed
So he tames it with an immortal tech-of-the-nique
I stole that shit from tyler, and I don't give a sheeeet

The suns gone down
Coke and rum in my cup
Nighttime’s my lifetime
Its how I learned to grow up

Screw you I’m not a thug
or a Gucci wanna be
I just like to write rhymes
and create raps out of my poetry
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Good to see you're back. Dig your flow, yo.
Nothing to see here. Move along.
Thanks a lot winter sky. And even more thanks to you too Nilchii my amigo. i've been working for the longest time on improving at using Reason to write beats and songs that I could put my words to and now i'm taking a break from that to write again.