How come there are no mahogany-wooded RR's out there? I've been a huge fan of RR V-shapes for quite some time now, 4 of my 7 electrics are RR's. That being said, I'm also become quite interested in beautiful warm sound of mahogany-wooded guitars, and I've had to resort to things like Explorers, LP's, Vipers, to get that kind of sound. That's fine and all, but RR's are still my favorite and so if I could have a mahogany RR I'd be ecstatic.

The only V's I'm aware of that are Mahogany are the Gibson/Edwards Flying V models.
i think youd have to go custom
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i think youd have to go custom

It seems that way. I'm just wondering why RRs with mahog bodies/necks don't seem to ever be made. I suppose it's like asking why aren't there LP's with alder bodies or something.. Hm...

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Warmoth makes mahogany Rhoads Vs, so does Douglas


Where can I find Warmoth's mahogany RRs?

And that Douglas looks cool but IIRC it is made in China and I really doubt that build quality would possibly sound too good.
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Jackson had ONE mahogany RR. It was the Kevin Bonds sig and had a Seymour Duncan Iommi pickup in it. And I have a mahogany RR build waiting for me to finish it.
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