Hey UG, I have a problem with my 5 year old Ibanez S470.
It seems that my Tremolo has become very loose.

It jumps out of tune when I press down hard on any of the strings on the fretboard.
And I can see the bridge is moving
Example: if I pick the lowest E and I gently bend the G string, it really jumps out of tune.

Every time I bend and press hard on the strings, the bridge is moving and jumps out of tuning.

What do I do? I have tried putting new strings on, tried putting more tension on the springs at the back. But I have run out of ideas..

Thank you guys in advance
how out of tune is it getting? all vibrato systems (including the zr) move when you bend strings, especially 2 point systems
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Its about half of normal tuning when i press "hard" on the string on the fretboard so its alot.

I say "hard" because its not hard, not the hardest. If i press any softer the sound wont be clean.
So are you saying when you bend a string, all of the other strings go flat? When you let go, it returns back to regular tuning? If that is the case, it's completely normal, and is something all guitars with tremelos experience.
If you use heavy strings and stronger springs, that may fix most of the problem.
Replace the springs in the back for sure. it won't make it perfect because it never was, but it will make it better.
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I have locked the bridge, so now it cant move.. but its still having that problem! :O wtf...
So this had nothing to do with the bridge, what can it be then? I have adjusted the neck a little bit, but that didnt help either.
Okay, so i looked at some guitar intonation and it helped a little bit adjusting that. but its still doing it, now only when i press harder than before.

Is there something I can do about that. I cant move my bridge saddle any more back. its all the way back now.
Sounds like you have a few issues going on, perhaps you ought to seek out a guitar tech?

My next suggestion would be to try a different brand of string(if you're not using them already, D'Addarios seem to work well with a tremolo), and to put new springs on.
This just sounds like a normal 2 point tremolo. You can use it as a cool little trick by playing an open string and then bending another note on a different string (without picking it) to lower the pitch of the first note. Trips other guitarists out haha.
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