What are some standard effects to put on vocals? I find that when my vox are totally clean, they seem to lack what most recorded vocals have. I'm awful with effects. I can't make guitar effects, let alone vocal ones, at least at this moment. Where's do I start? All I'm sure of is reverb XD but everything else is a mystery. I've been to a recording studio and they have so many things! Are those all really necessary? Or can I cut a good track at home with my mic, mixer, and computer w Fruity Loops?
I hear a lot of singers double track some of the 'larger' vocal parts, like choruses and such, to give it a bigger feel. As in, they'll record themselves singing the part twice, and having one under the other. Also, I've heard a Chorus effect on some vocals, which seems to fill them out okay
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Compression, reverb, delay, EQ. That's pretty much about it for "standard" usage.

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