Hi, guys!
There is my first time in this forum, and i would like to show my youtube channel.
Here is a cover of Joe Satriani's song called "Always With Me, Always With You", maybe the more known music made by Satriani.
Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks for the space! I hope that I can help here and be a good user in this forum.

Ruan Cruz
Check out another covers and my first instrumental work, called "A Voyage to the Crazy Island" in my Channel: http://www.youtube.com/MrRuanCruz

(Sorry for possible bad english, i'm a brazillian guy)
Ruan, sou brasileiro tb, as coisas aqui fuincionam diferente do cifraclub velho, aqui é tudo C4C, "comment for comment". se vc nao ver o cover de alguem e comentar a galera nao vai comentar no seu sacou? é tipo uma troca de comentarios q rola aqui OK?