I've been contemplating this for awhile, about getting a bass clef tattoo but would like your views on it.

I want to get a bass clef tattoo but the thing is I'm not a bassist, I'm a guitarist which may seem odd... but the reason I want the bass clef is simply because the treble/bass clef both have the same meaning to me - resembles music. And the fact I much prefer the bass design over treble.

Is that ridiculous thinking that way? I know it's cliche too, but in the end it's my personal relation to the symbol - not to others.
Treble and bass clef tats are overdone. Get a C clef
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If you feel a personal relation to it, then yes. It is a cliche, but if you're not looking to just fill the space in your tat sleeves then you're fine. Put a personal spin to it, draw up ideas on paper.
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i tattooed a guy with a treble clef tattoo on his neck

it was pretty cool
Tattoo the Stairway to heaven tab on your back, I mean since you're going with clichés anyway

Get that and be pimp.
I'm not very good at this being funny business...

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C clef all the way. It incompases notes from both the treble and bass.
The master of all clefs if you will.

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Seems a bit cliche'd, but it's up to you I guess.
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You should do a fermata instead.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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