They're quite nice guitars imo. Totally love the look and Wilkinson pickups are quite decent too. I see no reason why it wouldn't work as a backup guitar.
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I have a vintage back up guitar, Les Paul style, don't know about Strats but it has served me well. Wilkinson pickups are good for the price, feels decent and looks good.
ive never had a laguna guitar i liked. they always felt and sounded kinda cheap. never played that one, so i cant say, but i think you should get pretty much the same thing as your main guitar, just cheaper. so if your main guitar is a strat, get a squier strat(the good ones, not the cheap ones for less than 100)
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This guy is in the uk and i don't think he'd want to pay double the price of the guitar he's looking at for an agile once the shipping and custom fees have all been added on..

Not to mention he's looking at a strat copy. So a flying v with a floyd rose is a bit off the mark..

I hate to say it, but a Chapman ML1 is the best "cheap" guitar out there or if you want more traditional strat style/sound see if you can snag a MIJ/MIK Squier or a newer CV Squier strat.

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Yeah a Classic Vibe Strat should be fairly cheap and it's pretty much the best traditional Strat around. People do tend to mistreat Squiers but so long as you buy one that's been made in the last year or so then it should still be in good condition.

But if you want to buy new then the Vintage will be fine. They're a decent enough brand, you're basically getting a Squier but cheaper because of the smaller brand name. The Wilkinson hardware puts it not quite as good as the Squier Classic Vibe but better than the Squier Standard.
get this instead? Assuming they don't rip you on the postage to the UK (they didn't me, I got free postage, but then I think the ROI postal service considers NI to be part of Ireland)...


you'd have to ring them to order, though, their site doesn't seem to like international orders

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The Wilkinson hardware puts it not quite as good as the Squier Classic Vibe but better than the Squier Standard.

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