I'm thinking about getting Adictive Drums,
is it any good or do you guys know of a better alternative...

Addictive is good, probably better than EZDrummer but if you get EZDrummer you can upgrade to Superior 2.0 down the track which is one of the best. Steven Slate Drums EX is another you should look into.
I like addictive drums over SD. SSD is good if you don't wanna mix drums
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i have addictive drums and personally the kicks and snare suck on them so i use triggers but i hear great things about SD
I have all 3. Addictive imop sounds great for more natural sounding stuff. Like if u were to use it for a indie rock band, country music, etc. Superior and steven slate r awesome for rock and metal. Superior if u want to spend time finding and mixing your perfect drum tone, and slate where the drums r pretty much already mixed flawlessly. Hope this helps. Have heard good metal recordings with AD aswell just couldn't get the sound I wanted
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I use AD primarily for metal. But, given its flexibility, I imagine it is very capable in other genres as well. Easily worth its cost and more.

I have tried ezdrummer and, IMO, falls far short of AD.

I haven't tried SD2.0 or SSD.
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AD and SD sound like garbage in mixes to me. I really enjoy the sound of SSD, however doing my own samples or other custom samples in Kontakt is what I have been doing the most as of late.
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it has a free demo. easiest thing to do is try it. there are some better options out there, but they cost more. so try the demo, and see if it works for you. if it doesnt, maybe spring for one of the more expensive ones. if it does, go for it.