Ooo Devil:
Cool bluesy sounding track, it needs bass and drums though.
Lead and rhythm guitar seem out of tune from one another.
Timing is sort of messy, try and play it along with a click track
Soloing goes out of key at times.
Drums coming in at the very end sounds weird and threw me off sort of.

Overall I think the rhythm work is much better than the lead, but neither one is that bad.

Funky Munky:
Great funky bass playing
Lead guitar bends aren't perfect, they go out of key at times.
I like the drum track.
Again I'd say the rhythm work is better than the lead.

I'd say keep working on your leads by just practicing over these tracks you're making, because these are great.

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here we go devil.
Ok cool, chillin with that solo guitar stuff. The TIMING shifts around, you couldn't really play with a drummer but it's NICE to have that sort of jerking around . Nice CHORDS and guitar tone. You have some NON TRADITIONAL tuning going on, but that's ok. This is some really gritty shit and its nice./ I THINK SOME BASS would help be a glue. Your playing is nice, very vintage rock and stuff, you have a good GO FOR it sensibility. BE PROUD

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@aaron Lol. Ooo Devil was put together rather quickly and I couldnt find a decent drum loop that I liked (that and I couldnt keep time for the life of me that night) I just threw in that sped up part at the last minute as an outro sort of thing.
Just checked out your song and commented. Good stuff. and thanks for the crit!

So when you guys say i'm going out of key do you mean I'm bending too much therefore putting in a wrong note? I've heard that before(needs work)

I will start playing to the click track(more) and I will make sure I include drums. I might have to just play the bass notes on my guitar(dont have a bass, bass loops are limited) if I want to add bass.

Thanks again everyone!
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Hey Dope thanks for the comment and rating!

oooo devil

It sorta sounds like you may just be just flat out of key, because sometimes it sounds like yer good then yer not. I dunno... I like the bluesy feel ya got goin on, with some drums and bass you probably got something here. Ah there are the drums I guess coming in at the end. Keep up the work, ya got good foundation!!!