Blackstar HT-Dual Distortion Pedal - £110 ono shipped
In good nick. Bought used about a month ago, not used much. It's in really good condition, and it sounds great. Proper tube sounding distortion. I've got the box but I never had the instructions. Offers? PM me.

EHX 44 Magnum Power Amp - £80 ono shipped
Bought this new about a month ago, it's great. Something very satisfying about making such a loud noise from something so small! Again, in very good condition, has got Velcro on the back but I'll take that off and clean it if you don't want it. Will ship in the original box. Again, PM me with offers.

I'm only selling these because I like the HT-Dual so much I want to get a HT-5R. I've been using them as a kind of pre-amp/power amp combo and it's sounded great, but if anything, the 44 magnum is too loud! I'll post up some pics soon, or on request, depending which happens sooner.

Thanks dudes.