I have to choose between 2 budget electric guitars: Squier Affinity Fat Stratocaster and a Epiphone Les Paul Special II GT.I have a Vox Pathfinder 15R amp it's very hard to choose the perfect guitar.I play some variation of rock music including indie-rock,blues rock,hard rock,garage rock,psychedelic rock and that sort of things.I want this guitar to suit my style and I need some advices.Thanks !
no idea about the strat but my first guitar was a les paul special II and its not a bad guitar at all tbh, good for a beginner anyway
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save some more money and buy a more decent guitar , at least around the 300 -500 dollars something like a epiphone standard for the style of you music play its pretty good .

if your on a tight budget and want an LP or strat


and i wouldnt advise you to buy a squier xD
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sorry but i don't feel like playing on a standard les paul.it's a bit posh for me

what does a bit posh mean .

if your lookin for a fender with a humbucker id advise you to get this one
its affordable and you wont be disappointed

i quite dig band like the black keys,arctic monkeys,the raconteurs ,the smiths ,the coral and ofc from this bands i like guitarists like jack white, dan auerbach,alex turner,miles kane,johnny marr
i saw some reviews on the Dot and sounds great.the price is a bit high for my budget but i heard that this guitar has a good value.i think the worst part it's not having a tremolo on this guitar.thanks for your help
Do you want it to look like crap AND play like crap? You can take a "too posh" Epiphone and beat it up a bit, that might take away some of the "poshness" and still have something playable. You buy one of those dirt cheap things the playability is going to suffer. You can get some nicer used instruments that may already be a little trashed up for you but still be playable.