I want to change out my chrome hardware on my les Paul, for gold. While doing this I thought I should look in to an upgraded bridge and such, so what and where is a good place to buy this kind of stuff? Thanks

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In terms of type bridge, there's not much you can substitute without doing major modifications to the body. You can add a gold bigsby without much effort or various versions of the tailpiece or tune-o-matic providing they fit the original holes... You can buy most of this stuff easily in one place online on sites such as stewmac, allparts, mojotone, guitar fetish and plenty of others... most parts are priced according to quality, respected brands like schaller, bigsby, gotoh etc. make long lasting stuff but are usually the most expensive.
make sure you get the Gibson parts otherwise it will destroy your tone, guitarcenter/musiciansfriend.com sells them for sure
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^Destroy your tone? Yeah, Gibson's lumps of metal have entirely different properties than other lumps of metal of equal or higher quality.

Yeah, Gibson's hardware is alright, but I swear by the Tone Pros locking stuff when it comes to Tune-o-matics.
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make sure you get the Gibson parts otherwise it will destroy your tone


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