E         7               7
B      7     10p7     7     10p7
G  9b             9b

Does anyone know who was the first guitarist to popularize this lick ?

I know that hendrix used this lick a fair bit but i doubt he was the first. Slash, Adrian Smith and kirk hammet also use the lick loads (especially the former two)

I think its a great bluesy lick and it can be moved around everywhere and sounds really good if played fast. Can also be played like this which i like

E         7                7
B      7     10p7  10b        9p7  
G  9b                                9b

It also makes good use of economy picking as strict alternate picking is very difficult with this lick.
It's just a standard rock lick, popularised by it's use of the pentatonic minor scale. I'd imagine it would have been an early blues player who first used it, but it's probably highly debatable as to who.
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I think a lot of those guitarists you mentioned probably learnt it from Jimmy Page because he used to use it a lot too.
It's probably most widely attributed to Chuck Berry, but he was heavily influenced by Elmore James and Muddy Waters. It's probably as old as the blues itself.
when playing the blues would you bend the note up a whole tone or just half ?
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when playing the blues would you bend the note up a whole tone or just half ?

Whole tone.

I think that lick was originally an Albert King idea but I'm not sure, it's now so engrained in to the bluies rock idiom it's insane.
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