what are the chances of this going horribly wrong? It's from an ebay store so I'm pretty sure I can trust them to package it correctly. The thing is that it's a tube amp which has plenty of easily breakable parts.
I've played on the amp and know it's the one I want, but I can't afford to buy it new, and I can't find any used on craigslist.
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Is it possible to arrange to pick it up?? Coz when it comes to my gear, I'd never want to trust the post office with it personally.
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With a courier anything can go wrong. That said, it usually doesn't. And from a store atleast you have a better chance of gettings it sorted. Check their returns policy. I think ebay cover you anyway, but again check. I had a tube amp shipped form the US to UK fine, but it easily could have gone tits up. With a courier anything can happen. I had a semi hollow shipped form London, it arrived destroyed and I was devistated. In that case the seller did give me a refund however.
No problem as of yet with courier services.
You do hear a lot of horror storys online but the thing is.. people are more likely to post online if they get a broken amp in the post then if they get one thats shipped fine..
I had my amp, its also tube, shipped, and although it was just a national transportation, which doesnt imply planes or boats or whatever, it arrived perfectly, if i were you, i would like 20$ or so, that they ask for insurance, i think its worth it
Good point on the insurance. Incidently while were talking about insurance, couriers can get pretty wriggly when it comes to insuring instruments EVEN if you take out their maximum insurance. I'm sure this doesn't apply to amps, but most of them have a disclaimer along the lines of "the instrument must be in a hard case, and the maximum insured value is £150" etc etc even if you have paid for insurance for a much higher value.