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Mockingbird Pro X
1 100%
Stealth Pro Marc Rizzo 7-string
0 0%
Voters: 1.
Hey, which guitar should i get out of this and this ? I'm interested in playing some metal and doing some squeals, divebombs and other tricks like that with the floyd rose. I was getting other guitars in this thread but i changed my mind and chose these two guitars instead. The stealth is a 7-string but only has one volume knob and a 3-way pickup seletor while the mockingbird pro x has two tone knobs and two volume knobs and a three-way pickup selecter and they are layed out pretty much just like a les pauls. They both have emgs and a floyd rose original. The mockingbird looks a lot better in appearance to me and is more versatile in tone and volume etc. but i don't know if i should sacrifice a 7-string just for that. They both cost about the same price. Any Idea on which one i should get?
basically you have to decide do you want/need a 7 string or not
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If you want the seven, go for it. If not, it seems like you're fairly set on having that Mockingbird, and I'm fairly biased towards them, as they're one of my dream guitars. So I vote Mockingbird

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