Can someone give any suggestions on what song my band should cover for the school talent show? I would like something rock/metal/alternative, but nothing to crazy or challenging. Thank you!
Don't play metal, or at least, nothing too heavy. Play something popular. At the most, play a very well known Iron Maiden or Metallica song. But if the people don't know the words, you're already destined to lose
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What's currently popular at your school?

Play that.

Or be thought to suck. Your call.
Something that everybody in the crowd knows.

"Rock You Like A Hurricane" - Scorpions
"Walk This Way" - Aerosmith

I'm not big on newer Rock, but you could do a Top 40 Pop/Rap song: arrange it for your band and get really hammy with it.
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My band (when it still existed) did "Testify" by RATM and "Snow (Hey Oh)" by the RHCP. The crowd loved it. I know "Snow" sounds pretty hard, but it's actually not that bad, since it's the same pattern for most of the song.