There are like a thousand free programs...

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I put songs in a playlist in iTunes and then burn them to a CD. I thought that was how everyone did it.

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Fire is often used to burn things.

Just sayin´ :P
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Like this.

No but seriously. I use iTunes when ever the time comes to use a CD.
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I make music sometimes.
Meh, I just use a match and some gasoline to burn my cds. You could always mix up some gasoline and petroleum jelly to make napalm, if you want to get fancy. :|
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This newly posted mp3

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I make exact copies of CD's with image files. That way all the tags are still there and I don't have to worry about putting each name, artist, and whatever into it's information. I refuse to put anybody's burned CD on my computer unless it's been done that way.
Whatever default program is on my laptop. I think it's Roxio.
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When I do, I use MediaMonkey
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