Okay I've had my guitar in drop c and c# standard before, but i've been thinking about going down to drop b. a lot of my favorite artists play in that tuning. so lets get down to my question, i can sing along with most of the songs i like perfectly in key while listening to it, but when i attempt to play it while singing, a lot of the times it seems i won't be able to hit certain notes vocally while playing a tuning or so higher. i mean i think its pretty common sense and im just making sure, is it easier to sing higher with the guitar tuned down even more to b?
I don't think there's a huge difference, but to check what tuning you should stick, just sing while being comfortable with your vocal range without having any music playing.
Then, check what key you sang in, and try to have an open string on your guitar to match that key.
If it was E to B (Low E string), you can tune the guitar down to the key.
If it was A to G (A string), you can do the same.
You probably have to find out by yourself, since the vocal range of singers very alot from person to person.
A few can do low and deep growls and high pitched singing, and some are more limited.
I guess you can increase the range by practicing, but you wont be able to reach notes on a guitar no matter how much you practice.
singing along with a record is alot different from just singing and playing guitar. Try to sing songs with an instrumental version, see if you can sing perfectly in key then.